Documentation of a death threat on Facebook.


I normally don't make too big an issue about junk like this but since the threat was directed towards my family and Facebook's only reaction seemed to be censoring me from posting the link to my video I felt to share it here.


A scum just sent me the following death threat in a FB email. Apparently
she doesn't like one of our music videos.
Shiekh Mehveen id=100002288141635 April 15 at 5:03pm
inshallah u nd ur son nd hole family will be destroy nd very soon very
work u had done
The link to her profile was still active some time after I reported the threat to Facebook

After waiting some time to give Facebook a chance to do something I noticed that they had done nothing.

Here is the link to the music video that the young lady is upset about.  NOW Facebook CENSORED me from even posting this video link to a comment on MY OWN PAGE.

Update 4-20-2011:  I have been advised that Facebook did finally remove the profile of the perp but they provided no information to me about who sent the threat or where it originated and basically all Facebook did was cover their tracks for the person who made the threat.


Here is the screen shot of the death threat against me and my family.

After some time had passed since I reported the threat to Facebook.  I noted that her profile was still active and the threat was still sitting in my inbox.


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